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Engraving By BenchMarx :

- BenchMarx was created out of the demand for non-removable, non-destructive markings of production related items being produced through
NIHM-USA. Many customers expressed the need for traceability and small logos and numbers on their products. Being creative and thinking outside of
the box, NIHM purchased several Fiber, CO2, UV lasers to have the capability to mark on every surface thrown our way.


- As you can see in our Gallery, only your imagination limits what is possible. The same philosophy carried over from NIHM-USA, no job to small, no job to
large, and we believe if you can imagine it, we can build it. So far only marking water eludes us.


- Photos, to quips, to a simple name on you product or cherished possessions can be placed where you want it.

Partner :

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